From left.

Portrait 001 by Nathaniel Asseraf.

North African ”berber”.
I’ve had the privilege to meet with Ben, originating from the mountains between Morocco and Algeria. Referring to himself as a clandestine, he was not keen to show his tattoo expressions, saying they are part of a past he does not relate to anymore...

Portrait 002

I first approached Ben after seeing his hands that to me looked very North African and comparable to my father and grandfather’s hands. The tattoos on them was the first glimpse of his origins and history that caught my attention. The desire to know more about him grew from there...

Portrait 003.

- Changing from rebel to peaceful was all about mindset. I’m 53 years old today. I have completely stopped using foul language as I don’t want any kind of negativity in my life.
Even writing down foul words is bad energy to me.

Portrait 004.

- I do not care if people judge me. People will always judge you.


Portrait 005.

My body has been the canvas where I’ve expressed my life and my thoughts. Today I don’t need to express it visually. Everything is in my mind.
- Ben